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Posicloud appliances take seconds to set up and get running. Perfect for when you need something ready to go. Based on Debian 8 and using industry standard Turnkey containers, these systems are fast, responsive and simple. Whether you need a Wordpress server complete with Apache, Mysql and PHP all configured and ready to go, or a complete Git development environment, we have an appliance ready and waiting for you now. Easy to upgrade resources if you should need them at any point.

Product/Service Setup Fee Price
Posicloud Debian 8 (1G-10G-2C) £9.95 GBP
Posicloud Debian 8 LAMP (1G-10G-2C) £9.95 GBP
Posicloud Wordpress (1G-10G-2C) £9.95 GBP
Posicloud MediaWiki (1G-40G-2C) £12.95 GBP
Posicloud phpList (2G-50G-4C) £24.95 GBP
Posicloud osCommerce (2G-100G-4C) £29.95 GBP
Posicloud GitLab (2G-100G-4C) £29.95 GBP